Orcada sp. z o.o.
ul. Podwale 62A
50-010 Wrocław (PL)
tel.:/fax: +48 51 21 99 923


Why use Orcada?

Some of your advantages of instructing Orcada:
  • a tailor made plan for each customer;
  • we will keep you updated at every point of the debt collection or reporting process;
  • both single and multiple cases accepted;
  • our multilingual team knowledgeable about international economic and legal environment will help you deal with your Polish debtors;
  • ideal solution if you want to maintain a commercial relationship with the debtor and good image of your company;
  • by instructing us you will save your time and won’t have to contact your debtor by yourself;
  • any activity undertaken on your behalf will be dealt in a professional and efficient manner;
  • low collection costs with a commission being charged on accounts recovered only.

Efficiency first!
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