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Debt collection

Business to business debt is our main area of expertise.

We understand that it is crucial that your invoices are paid quickly and the sooner Orcada is instructed to collect the debt the better results we can achieve.

We know from experience that once a third party such as professional debt collection agency is involved in pursuing a debt, the debtor pays faster and the chances to fully recover outstanding accounts are much higher.

We will guide you through the whole debt recovery process, provide you with information needed, recommend further steps and advise on all aspects related to your case.

Our pre-legal debt recovery services particularly include sending out letters of demand to the debtors, telephone and email negotiations with them or personal visits. At this stage all efforts are made to settle the debt amicably and many of the cases are completed without instigating legal action or engaging Courts.

If the amicable approach to recovering your debt doesn’t produce the desired effect, we will check on the debtor and a legal status of outstanding amounts and advise you of the possible litigation options and costs. Together we’ll decide if the debt is to proceed to Litigation.

Once the Judgment against the debtor is obtained, enforcement proceedings can begin. The purpose of initiating them is to seize the debtor’s home or business premises to pay off the debt. We support the activities of the Bailiff and monitor enforcement proceedings.

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