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About us

Orcada provides professional debt recovery services and legal assistance to businesses, designed to safeguard our Clients’ interests in an uncertain economic climate.

Thanks to our long experience in the field of credit management, specific collection routines we have developed as well as individual and thorough approach to each case, we can pride ourselves on delivering an extremely efficient service.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive solution that helps protect your business from commercial debtors. Our aim is to secure our Clients’ interests and achieve the maximum recovery for the minimum cost to the Client.

We specialize at fast and efficient debt recovery. To meet your specific company needs we offer a tailored and complete range of services from checking on a financial and legal situation of your Clients and their contractors, assessing a risk of your commercial relationships, out-of-court and amicable debt collection, through to supporting legal and enforcement proceedings.

Our team of professionals as well as solicitors, bailiffs and business experts we work with on a daily basis deliver a tailor made plan of action to any company, of any size. Each case is judged on its own merits – the collection process will depend on a type of the Client, the outstanding accounts and the financial situation of the debtor. We have appropriate tools and knowledge to recover your debts and help you strengthen your business relationships.

Efficiency first!
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